Cameron Brunke: ne așteaptă un an plin de surprize!

cameron2Cameron Brunke este binecunoscut în Liceul Teoretic Școala MEA pentru săptămânile transcurriculare, precum English Week, și pentru competițiile creative pe care le organizează (ne amintim cu toții de Drama Week și de Concursul de scurtmetraj documentar). Poate nu toți îl cunoaștem, însă, și în calitate de profesor nativ de limba engleză, de scriitor și de coordonator al British National Curriculum în Liceul Teoretic Școala MEA.


Școala MEA: What are your plans in Școala MEA for the current year? What will you focus on – teaching or planning creative extracurricular weeks – or both?


Cameron Brunke: This year the focus will be on continuing and building upon the successes of last year: cross-curricular weeks, Drama Week, speaking competitions, etc; and also thinking about the IGCSE exam for Class 10.


Ș.M.: Speaking of extracurricular weeks – what can you tell us about the surprises you are preparing for this school year? And especially about English Week and Drama Week? Does the documentary competition go on?


C.M.: The purpose of a surprise is not to tell! As for Drama Week, we will just have to wait and see which movies are nominated for Oscars.


Ș.M.: What is the most challenging plan, when you try to bring something new into the Romanian system – as you did when you implemented the British National Curriculum in Școala MEA?


C.M.: It seems the most challenging part of implementing any new idea or concept is to be understood. Clarity and transparency are the most important also. If these three things can be achieved then the success rate is much higher.


Ș.M.: What is your favorite novel – from the BNC selection you suggested for Școala MEA? Why?


C.M.: If had to pick only one novel – which is a very difficult task! – it would have to be The Great Gatsby. It is such a beautiful, perfectly written novel that with great sensitivity captures a moment in American history.


Ș.M.: Speaking of novels – after the official launch of your novel, A Most Peculiar Christmas, here in Școala MEA, everybody knows you are a writer. What are your current projects – what are you working on?


C.M.: A second novel has begun, but the path to completion is perilously filled with flaming alligators and circus acts of distraction!


Ș.M.: What about this summer? Is there any particular adventure you have lived that is memorable – and worth putting in a novel?


C.M.: Yes, but that shall remain a secret until the next story!