Sign of the Ocean

by Iohanna C. (class 12)

Her eyes shook with fear and resignation as tears streaked down her dirty face. Dry blood was caked on one side of her face where he hit her, apparently not hard enough in his opinion. Her voice cracked as she was pleading him to let her go. She promised to never tell anyone what happened. In a perfect world, he would let her go, but this world was far from perfect. Her fragile body started shaking as soon as she saw him take out a blade which made him mischievously grin down at her. He felt powerful knowing her life was in his hands and only he could decide her fate. Her heart was pounding so loud it could be heard clearly. He got down on his knees, their eyes on the same level. The despair in her eyes was crystal clear and at that moment she realized her life was about to end. He put the tip of the blade on her lower lip and slowly started to run it down her chin and neck enjoying every tear that cascaded down her swollen cheeks and every shaky breath she took, which was about to be her last. The hope she once had in her eyes now changed into acceptance. She knew this was the end. That there was no way she could escape.

“Just do it… ” were her muttered words before taking one last deep breath and closing her eyes waiting for the blade to pierce her neck. The acceptance in her eyes made him doubt his next move, his heart started aching when he saw her give up on fighting for her life. The shaky breath made her body shiver as the cold air touched and fragile skin. He put the blade away and slowly let go of her giving her the opportunity to move away. She rushed to the end of the freezing cell getting as far away as possible from the cold-hearted killer. Squinting her eyes, she tried to look at her killer’s face but all she could see were his penetrating blue eyes that reminded her of the ocean. His gaze burned into her soul reading all her thoughts. His sudden movement startled her and the next second a loud thud was heard. He slammed the door and left her alone with her thoughts. She kept asking herself “Why didn’t he kill me…? Will he come back later and finish what he started?” Slowly and carefully she supported herself and tried to get up from the dirty ground, but she was so weak her legs betrayed her and she fell down knocking her head on the ground.


Her heavy eyelids didn’t allow her to properly open her eyes, but she could hear someone sobbing next to her. Fighting with the pain she felt in her body she moved one of her fingers to let the person next to her know that she was alive. That’s all she was able to do before falling back into a deep sleep.


The pain wasn’t as bad as the one she felt the first time she woke up. Opening her eyes, she was welcomed by a blinding light. Adjusting to the light she looked at her surroundings. It looked like a hospital room, but full of flowers, balloons and much more. Under her finger, there was a red button that would announce a doctor or a nurse that she woke up. As soon as she pressed it three nurses entered and started examining her.

One of the nurses started to ask her multiple questions.

”Do you remember what happened?” All she could do was shake her head no. The nurse sighed and asked her a few more questions. “What’s your name, dear?” The panic was clear in her eyes as soon as she was asked because she realized she couldn’t remember her own name. “It’s fine dear, you had a bad concussion, probably from hitting your head. Our best doctor will be here any minute to tell you more.” The nurse smiled kindly at the girl and left the room making her wait for the doctor.

Less than two minutes after the nurses left, the doctor came in together with his assistant. She didn’t even look up her only concern was that she forgot who she was. The doctor cleared his throat which made her come back to reality.

“Hi, my name is Dr. Warner and this is my assistant Alexis. What’s your name?” he asked the girl.

“I…I don’t remember,” she answered with a raspy voice. The doctor turned his back at her just as she looked up at him. Sighing, she closed her eyes and tried to relax her tensed muscles but soon enough the doctor asked her to open her eyes and follow the light. She gasped when she opened them.

These eyes…those ocean blue eyes…