Virtual Reality experience

After winning the Passport Hunt competition on Romania’s National Day, class 11 was rewarded with VR Cinema tickets. Here’s what they thought about the experience!

Right after the Christmas Holidays, our class was offered tickets to experience Virtual Reality. It was a pleasant Friday afternoon and as soon as our backpacks were ready, we left the school for the VR Cinema at Veranda Mall. We were delighted as we all wanted to try it, but we never found the propitious moment to go.

As the first steps into the cinema were made into a cheerful and curious manner, we observed that a VR Cinema doesn’t resemble a regular one at all. There’s only one spacious area, to begin with. Each and every person receives a special pair of glasses designed exclusively for the activity. Also, you have to move with your swivel chair for most of the time so that you are able to see from different angles.

Regrettably, this relatively new way of entertainment didn’t meet our expectations and we simply classify it as overrated. Why weren’t we fully satisfied? Well, the resolution is solely at fault. Everything is foggy and unclear. The images are made of “tiny squares”. 🙂 Therefore, it is close to impossible to feel as if you are in the middle of the action. We felt as if we were watching an ordinary movie.

The good news is that this problem will surely be solved as technology evolves and in the near future it will be as exceptional as presented in the beginning.

Raluca B., Teo S., Andra V. & Alexandrina C.,

Class XI