Bus Service

Bus Service

The transport service of Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea is an efficient and recommended method of traveling between home and school.
The fleet includes 10 Ford Transit 8 + 1 buses (years of manufacture 2015-2019) and ensures the transport of students, both from Bucharest and from its neighboring areas, such as Pipera, Corbeanca, Otopeni, Mogoşoaia and Chitila.

Here are five things you should know:

Unanimous transport

The service is intended for all children and students from kindergarten to high school. For children aged between 2 and 5 the service is performed with special buses, equipped according to the age of the children. The maximum capacity of the buses is 9 people (8 children + driver), but in periods of epidemic risk the service operates at a reduced capacity of 5 people (4 children + driver).

Safe and reliable

The service is provided by a specialized team of adults, consisting of 9 experienced people, dedicated and involved in the security process. Students are picked up and led or redirected by school supervisors, before and after class completion.

We keep you posted!

Parents have a direct and permanent communication with the person performing the service. Thus, they are immediately informed about any unforeseen events, technical failures or possible delicate situations that occurred during the transportation service. Moreover, good communication between parents and drivers helps to easily manage situations in which the child is picked up by the family.


Children are picked up directly from home and brought to school and vice versa.

An affordable mobility solution

The school is committed to providing affordable and quality services.

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