Custom Intervention


Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea runs speech therapy programs that aim to achieve the goals of primary school students in activities such as writing, reading, speaking and expression, conceptual clarity, using techniques of summary, description, vocabulary enrichment, intonation and pronunciation. Following speech therapy sessions, students learn independence and clarity in oral and written expression.
Frequency: 1 session / week.


The PSHE program is part of the British curricular topics that LTSM applies, thus enabling students to develop their skills and consolidate their knowledge in areas such as: physical and mental health, social development and civic education.
PSHE is integrated into the curriculum through the following disciplines: Science, Geography, ICT, Physical Education and is transmitted both implicitly and explicitly in many areas of school life through the Global Living Program (school assemblies, The Teacher Next2U – mentoring program, “My Parent, My Hero”- entrepreneurship program).
Frequency: 1 session / week.


LSTM organizes personalized training programs through custom intervention classes in the following subjects: mathematics, Romanian and English, depending on the recommendations of the teachers in the class.
Frequency: 1 session / week; The program is held constantly between October 1st. – May 31.


LTSM organizes performance programs for students passionate about subjects such as: Mathematics, Romanian language and literature, English.
Frequency: 2 sessions / week; The advanced learning program is held constantly between 1 October. – May 31.