Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Together with our specialists, the children enrolled in Grădinița Mea are the beneficiaries of a safe and flexible academic environment, focused on respecting the individuality of each preschooler.
The early education programs developed by Grădinița Mea integrate themes from the British curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage) in the national curricular structure for preschool education.

Numerical teacher / child ratio:

  • age 2-3, two teachers and a support person for a group of 6 children;
  • age 3-4 years, a teacher and a support person for a group of 6 children;
  • age 4-5 years, a teacher and a support person for a group of 8 children;
  • age 5-6 years, a teacher and a support person for a group of 9 children.

Descriere program

Program scurt


Program mediu

Program lung

Utilizarea limbii engleze în cadrul a 80% din totalul activităților de către profesori români sau profesori vorbitori nativi

Formarea capacității de receptare și înțelegere a lumii sonore și a muzicii cu profesor specialist
Monitorizarea proceselor de dezvoltare cognitivă, psihoemoțională, diagnostic și interventie făcută de psiholog

Raport cu evoluția săptămânală a copilului

Un club/zi pentru copiii care nu parcurg programul de somn, în intervalul 14:30-15:45: Story club, Math club, Science club, Gym club, Cooking club

Mic dejun (până la 9am), gustare fructe la ora 11am

Prânz gătit proaspăt în bucătăria proprie

Gustare ora 4pm

Preparing children aged 2 to 5 for school, by developing the following skills:

Individual autonomy determines children’s sense of confidence, shapes self-esteem and develops skills meant for finding solutions.
Grădinița Mea supports children in gaining their autonomy by applying the following principles:

  • We give the child time to try;
  • We allow the child to choose and decide for himself;
  • We highlight even the smallest victories and provide measured support for overcoming an obstacle;
  • The child must be able to find solutions to the problems he / she faces, but with a discreet guide for mobilization from the adult;
  • Inducing the child the feeling of utility, by involving him in the fulfillment of daily routines: collecting toys, preparing for the activity, personal hygiene skills etc.
  • The expression of personal points of view and the initiative to decide on a personal level are encouraged.
  • Any failure can be turned into a victory, because we appreciate the effort, not the performance.

Early education provides the fundamental pillars on which a child’s educational path will be further built:

  • Extending the experience of the family environment to the social environment and awareness of belonging to a social group.
  • Educating the rules of coexistence within the group from the perspective of rights and responsibilities.
  • Encouraging a collaborative attitude and fair competition.
  • Drawing individual identity and holistic development of the child’s personality.

Grădinița Mea proposes stimulating creativity through investigation, raising questions, experimenting, observing, recording, describing and issuing conclusions, while shaping the expressiveness of the preschooler through the use of expressive language.

Atingerea unui nivel de competenţe cognitive (atenţie, memorie, limbaj, planificare, rezolvare de probleme) care să permită adaptarea facilă la nivelul superior de formare, cel al învăţământului primar.

  • Dezvoltarea empatiei prin înțelegerea emoțiilor celorlalți
  • Exprimarea propriilor emoții
  • Dezvoltarea capacității de autoreglare emoțională
În cadrul programelor oferite de Grădinița Mea, preșcolarii beneficiază de medii diverse de învățare. Integrarea naturii în experiența învățării timpurie presupune învățarea prin anchetă și descoperire, iar programa devine emergentă, bazată pe interesele copiilor și coordonată activ de specialiștii noștri.
  • Educating an expressive and correct verbal expression in Romanian and English;
  • Conscious use of the meanings of the verbal structures of English and learning this modern language at a conversational level through the Jolly Phonics method;
  • Triggering interest in books through auditions, conversation, guided reading and practicing pre-literate graphic elements;
  • Development of thinking mechanisms and skills to use pre-mathematical intellectual operations: correspondence, sorting, numbering, problem solving;
  • Stimulating curiosity for investigating the environment by asking questions, experimenting, observing, recording, describing and drawing conclusions;
  • Educating the expressiveness and creativity of the preschool child through the use of plastic language (FuntasTircks crafting activities, painting with conventional or unconventional tools, activities in nature to observe colors, light, shapes, textures etc.);
  • Training the ability to receive and understand the world of sound and music under the guidance of a specialist teacher;
  • Education for respect and acceptance of cultural diversity.
  • Education of food and sports routines.

Along with the academic framework Grădinița Mea offers unique and challenging learning experiences through thematic days and weeks and afternoon clubs.

  • The program “My first step in biology” – lessons at the Museum of Natural History;
  • The “Art Lesson” program – artistic education program in museum spaces;
  • Science Week;
  • Week Altfel
  • Green Week;
  • Pajama Day;
  • Crazy Hair Day;
  • Ice Cream Day;
  • Math Club;
  • Science Club;
  • Story Club;
  • Gym Club;
  • Cooking Club;

Grădinița Mea offers speech therapy sessions meant to correct and develop oral and written communication, in order to express clearly and expressively.
Frequency of speech therapy sessions: one session per week.

Objectives of personal development sessions:

  • Manifestation of interest in self-knowledge and positive attitude towards oneself and towards others.
  • Adequate expression of emotions in interaction with other members of the social group.
  • Use of skills and attitudes specific to learning in a school context.
  • Frequency of personal development sessions: one session per week.

With the help of extra-curricular activities, the preschoolers enrolled in Grădinița Mea have at their disposal a wide range of experiences that satisfy the conditions of social intelligence. Monthly activities are organized at the theater, museums, planetariums or parks.

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