LTSM Events

Grădinița Mea Events

The Christmas Fair event is dedicated to both parents and children and takes place in December, the week before Christmas.
Angels made of corks and wooden balls, fir trees, globes, clay ornaments, reindeer from jars, garlands and many other decorative objects are made by preschoolers and available for “sale” at the fair. The money they raise on the day of the event is used by children to buy books at the English language book fair, organized in partnership with Usborne Publishing.

On February 8 of each year, Grădinița Mea celebrates its birthday. The theme of this day is represented by the organization of a party, where each child enters the specific atmosphere and which differs from year to year: “Sweet Sixteen”, “The Fairytales’ land”, “21 years in Candy Land”. The moment of celebration is marked by special guests who maintain a festive atmosphere with the help of games. The kindergarten dance instructor is also present to train the little ones in musical games and cheerful dances.

Pumpkin Party is an event that takes place at the end of October in Grădinița Mea. The colour code of this day is orange, and the activities designed and carried out are varied, including messy plays, arts & crafts, sensory activities and specific activities for the development of gross motor skills. Each group carries out activities specific to the age level that aim at both the recreation of children and the consolidation of social relations within each group of preschoolers, as well as their psycho-motor and intellectual development.

The month of November of each school year is marked by the Pajama party event in Grădinița Mea. The teaching team along with the preschoolers prepare surprise parties in pajamas, arranging the classroom spaces accordingly. The floors are studded with mattresses, large and small pillows, blankets. The clothing of children and educators is represented by pajamas accessorized with everyone’s favorite toy.

Every June in Grădinița Mea takes place the thematic event “Crazy Hair Day”. It is a day dedicated to hairstyles, which are funny and unusual. The children come from home with ingenious hairstyles, made by their parents. On this day, artistic-plastic activities and sensory games are organised where children paint crazy hair, using the straw blowing technique, make the craziest hairstyle out of paper, sequins, muffin paper and many other materials, and also they have the opportunity to show off and present their hairstyle at the Hairstyle Parade. The theme,  “Crazy Hairstyles Day”, aims to relax children and restore their good mood, as well as to develop their imagination, sensitivity and aesthetic taste.

In the first week of spring Grădinița Mea hosts the event “Mother’s Day”, which takes place with the help of the mothers. The children work with their mothers to make special memories – floral arrangements and handmade gifts. In each group room the mothers are greeted with a song and a bouquet of spring flowers. The main purpose of this thematic day is to educate respect and cultivate love for parents. The objectives pursued on this day are the development of creativity and expressiveness of language, the amplification of the practical and aesthetic sense and the improvement and development of the mother-child relationship.

Every year, at the end of November, in Grădinița Mea takes place the thematic day „We are Romanians”. It is a day dedicated to Romania and the children are dressed in Romanian folk costumes, specific to each region of our country. We celebrate this day by listening to and performing patriotic songs and Romanian folk dances. Little craftsmen also make flags, wooden spoon dolls and decorate clay pots or rugs. The objectives of this event are to popularize the significance of December 1st and the traditions specific to the celebration of Romania’s national day, to stimulate curiosity about the country’s symbols, the tricolor flag and the anthem.

In April, in Grădinița Mea takes place the thematic week “Green Week”, when the little ones discover the importance of the 3 R’s – Reduce / Reuse / Recycle. Children bring different objects that they can reuse: plastic bottles are turned into flower pots, pencil holders, bird food holders, plastic corks become multicoloured flowers, and bird boxes are made from milk boxes. The children go out in parks, where they plant trees and take care of different plants and flowers, so they can understand their importance for clean air. The main goal of this week is to bring children closer to nature, through ecological actions, in which the stimulation and development of creativity and creative thinking have a main role. Children acquire knowledge, attitudes and motivations to act individually and as a team in solving problems related to environmental protection.

On the last day of May, at Grădinița Mea takes place the “Ice Cream Day”, when we celebrate Children’s Day. Both courtyards of the kindergarten are organized for sports, fun and musical games, as well as creative workshops.

Școala Mea Events

Now, in its ninth edition, Drama Week is a LTSM charitable cultural event that runs for four days for students in grades 5-12.
The students involved in this event have various roles: actors, directors, technical team or graphic designers, depending on their personal skills and preferences.
The event aims to develop verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal communication skills, the development of cooperation skills and social relationships skills and the development of a sense of social belonging to the community.

Talent Show is a LTSM event that brings together students, parents and teachers, both from LTSM and other partner institutions, the purpose being to raise funds for a charitable cause.
The event is structured in four categories: music, dance, drama, special skills (gymnastics, hula-hoops, mime, magic etc.).
The event aims to develop a cohesive environment, offering students the opportunity to collaborate effectively, regardless of age, thus developing verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal communication skills, as well as a competitive environment that will lead students to want self-improvement, to create functional social relationships and that will teach them how to evaluate and manage a defeat. Each edition of Talent Show is dedicated to a charitable cause to which the proceeds from ticket sales and participation fees are redirected. 
First edition, December 2018, the amount of 18,000 lei was donated to the “Dăruiește Viață” Association, for the construction of the First Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy Hospital in Romania. The second edition, February 2020, the amount of 8231 lei was donated to the “Dragoste Desculță” Association, for children from disadvantaged families in the care of the association.

The Christmas Fair is an opportunity to bring the entire LTSM community together in a charity event. Students, along with PTA representatives, work to make and market handmade products and culinary delights, and the funds raised at the end are donated to community-supported causes. The whole festive atmosphere is completed by carols and artistic moments, supported by the school band “Dizzy Band”, the school’s dance troupe and surprise guests.

The “Cup of Good Hope” Football Tournament organized by Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea is a sports competition between students of the school and other partner schools, in which the goal is for students to support and contribute to charitable projects, such as “Prima mea faptă bună”, belonging to the “Cutia cu medicamente” Association.

People who are passionate about table tennis can relax in an annual interscholastic championship, organized by Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea. The participants of the Ping the Pong contest can be both students and teachers of the school, as well as those of the partners.
The development of insight, socialization skills and driving skills during games, reaction speed and compliance with the rules are the objectives pursued and successfully achieved during the two editions of Ping the Pong.

In the month of June of each year, the school anniversary is celebrated and for this show non-formal educational activities with a special dress code are organized.
Among the favorite topics of the students are:
“Scoala Mea Rocks” – 14 years of Scoala Mea (rock edition, 2017).
“We’ve got Talent – 15 years of Scoala Mea” (talent show edition 2018).
“Sweet Sixteen – 16 years of Școala Mea” (pop dance edition ‘60, 2019).
“Happy Bday Școala Mea – 17 years of Școala Mea” (video messages, 2020).

Romania’s National Day is also celebrated in Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea with specific themes, activities and contests, such as: video collages, fashion parade of costumes made by students or outfits accessorized with an element of Romanian folk costume, photo contest ”Romania MEA in an image ”, general culture trivia contest about the history of Romania, folk dances with special guests.
Among the people involved in the event are the parents from the PTA.

The Challenge Day program, dedicated to preparatory classes, means competitions in which students will team up with their own parents. They take place inside the school and last for 50-60 minutes. Beyond the recreational character, the program represents an opportunity to strengthen the child-parent relationship and an opportunity for parents to get to know their child’s teachers in non-formal settings.
The purpose of the competition is to create opportunities for parent-child relationships and to increase mutual trust between parents-children-teachers.

On Mother’s Day, the students of Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea prepare the perfect gift for their mothers. Whether it’s video cards, artistic moments or creative projects, mothers always have emotional surprises from their children. The students from grade 0 are also preparing a celebration, and the mothers are invited to participate in the event.

Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea marks the international holiday with activities that emphasize collaboration while giving up the scary aspect. Classes are conducted in a different way by making relays, competitions and imaginary situations that add play and color to this day.

Students are encouraged to write letters of appreciation, love, sympathy or admiration to colleagues, teachers or support staff and to place them in the school mailbox. The letters are distributed to the recipients by the “cupid” team, composed of high school students.

The objective of the activity is to popularize and learn the meaning of the day of “Dragobete”, correspondent of “Valentine’s Day”.

The “First Push” event is the first informal meeting in the school yard, where sports enthusiasts on wheels, especially skateboarding, rollerblading and mountain biking, gather. The participants receive demo lessons from professionals in the field, like Uskat, Bobo, Piglet.

The main objective of organizing this event on October 16 is to promote a healthy lifestyle and minimize food waste. This goal was achieved by creating an individual weekly calendar to record food from the refrigerator left uneaten at the end of a day, by facilitating meetings between students, parents and nutritionists and by organizing a donation activity of favourite fruits and vegetables not consumed from the personal refrigerator (based on the individual weekly calendar) to animal shelters and disadvantaged children’s centres.

The main objective of organizing this event on October 16 is to promote a healthy lifestyle and minimize food waste. This goal was achieved by creating an individual weekly calendar to record food from the refrigerator left uneaten at the end of a day, by facilitating meetings between students, parents and nutritionists and by organizing a donation activity of favourite fruits and vegetables not consumed from the personal refrigerator (based on the individual weekly calendar) to animal shelters and disadvantaged children’s centres.

The Spring Fair is an opportunity to bring the entire LTSM community together for a charitable event.
Elementary students, along with their parents and high school students, help make and sell handmade products, decorations and culinary delights with a spring or Easter theme. The money raised is donated to causes supported by our community. The whole festive atmosphere is complemented by artistic moments by primary school students, sports workshops and fun activity centres.

The first edition of this event aimed to support refugees from Ukraine through the associations “Șansa Ta” and “Dragoste desculță” and enjoyed the participation of refugee children who are under the wing of the “Nightingales” Association.

Săptămâna Altfel Week is an annual project whose theme dictates the activities, materials used, decorations, events and dress-code adopted by the students during the week. The aim of this week is to carry out as many activities as possible, different from the usual school programme, in an environment that will make pupils feel like fairy-tale characters and that will help to raise social responsibility, all held outside the school or outdoors.
Themes in recent years include Alice in Wonderland, 5 Days around the world, History Mystery Week, Pinocchio Week, Fantastic Worlds, Green Week.