Middle School

Middle School

Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea is committed to educate students in the spirit of respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms, developing people capable of creating and transmitting values.

The middle-school level of Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea offers its students a rigorous and challenging academic program, which respects the content of the national program and complements it with the Cambridge programs for Science (biology, physics, chemistry) and English.

Middle-school students are challenged to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, that together with academic training, guarantee access to high school education offered by top educational institutions in the national and international system.


The development of a critical and analytical thinking is fundamental for preteenagers. LTSM programmes are guiding the middle school students to issue values based on analysis and research, thus preparing them for higher levels of education.

Every child is born with a creative potential, which turns into effective capacity when stimulated and positively oriented by a supportive school environment and by a teacher with an encouraging and participatory attitude.
Students educated to be creative and expressive will communicate effectively in future interpersonal relationships, thus acquiring social leadership skills.
In Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea we apply semi-realistic strategies for nurturing expressiveness and creativity through thematic activities, in which students use plastic language, artistic language – in painting or graphic exhibitions, verbal – through literary creations, gestures – in theatrical performances.
Students educated to be creative and expressive will communicate effectively in future interpersonal relationships, thus acquiring social leadership skills.

Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea offers its students extracurricular experiences where they can identify the fields of study that attract them, those where they obtain the best performances and that offer them the greatest satisfaction.
The process ends in the last year of study of the gymnasium, when a vocational counseling program is organized, starting from the concrete results, offered by the Cambridge CAT4 and JVIS tests. Following this process of self-knowledge, students will be able to move to the next level of education with the certainty of a premeditated choice.

Each school subject can be animated by a transdisciplinary attitude, in which the laws of intellect and sensitivity will merge into what we call universality. Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea proposes a program built according to the principle of universality of values that substantiate the education process, an integral, integrative education that addresses all areas of the individual’s intellect. In this sense, the Science Area of the National Curriculum is complemented by the Cambridge Checkpoint Science exam preparation program, which educates the student to understand the environment, starting from personal observations, to analyze and draw conclusions, with the teacher’s guidance.

Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea stimulates the communication of its students with different European cultures by organizing multicultural education programs and projects, such as:
• “Moonlit Avenues” – Short Story Anthology. Our external partners are: Samsun Highschool Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey), Eskişehir Highschool Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey) and Istituto Tecnico Agrario “Giuseppe Garibaldi” (Italy).
• SLOW DOWN, YOU EAT TOO FAST! (Our external partners are: Samsun Anadolu Lisesi High School in Turkey and Istituto Istruzione Superiore Giuseppe Garibaldi in Italy).
• “Globe Culture” (school assembly).

Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea proposes the development of the entrepreneurial spirit of its students through various entrepreneurial education programs:

  • “My Parent, My Hero” – entrepreneurial education program that involves parents;
  • Community learning programs, by organizing activities outside the school, supported by partners from various fields of economic activity (Financial education programs supported by banking institutions).
  • Implementation of the national curriculum;
  • Teaching English according to the status of a school with an intensive English program;
    English curriculum inspired by the British curriculum to achieve specific language skills:
  • Courses held in English for the integration of Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea graduates in Cambridge IGCSE and A Level programs: history, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, design, entrepreneurship, children’s rights, citizenship, intercultural education;
  • Cambridge exam preparation program: KET, PET, FCE;
  • Checkpoint training program Sciences: Biology, Physics, Chemistry.
  • Annual transdisciplinary programs for grades V, VI, VII, conducted with partners, museums and providers of non-formal education; clubs;
  • Homework program;
  • Additional training program for the disciplines included in the national assessments: mathematics, Romanian language and literature.

Personal development programs for each level of study (one session / month).
Objectives of personal development sessions:

  • Stimulating and guiding the interest for self-knowledge and the positive attitude towards oneself and towards others.
  • Educating the proper expression of emotions in interaction with other members of the social group.
  • Discovering individual skills and cultivating attitudes that promote learning in a school context.

LTSM organizes personalized training programs for students with low school performance in subjects such as: Mathematics, Romanian or English. The activities take place in the timetable intended for the standard school program, one hour per week. The participation of a student in the program implies the fulfillment of the selection criteria, according to the provisions of the Regulation, and it is done for a determined period of time.

LTSM organizes advanced learning programs for students passionate about subjects such as: mathematics, physics, Romanian language. The program for advanced learning is constantly held between October 1 and May 31, a session of 80 minutes per week. Students who have met the selection criteria, according to the provisions of the Regulation, can enrol in the program. The program is completed by intensive training sessions in the following subjects: chemistry, biology, English, geography, in the periods preceding the school Olympics.

Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea organizes vocational counselling sessions for 8th graders. Participation is optional, following a written request. Tests like CAT4, JVIS etc. give students the possibility to experiment and find out which fields of study offer them the greatest satisfaction and where they obtain the best performances. Following this process students will be able to move to the next level of education with the certainty of a thoughtful choice.


Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea expands the national curriculum through the Global Living Program – created to ensure a better understanding and assimilation of the theoretical notions taught to children. This program includes:

  • English Week
  • Special Days
  • Science Week
  • Drama Week
  • School assemblies
  • House Games competition
  • “My Parent, My Hero” – entrepreneurship education program
  • “The Teacher Next2U” – mentoring program
  • Fundraising events

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