Our students


Total number of students
Total tuition fees in full
Total tuition fees - Family discount
Total tuition fees - Students with parents working for LTSM

Early Childhood Centre - 94

Elementary School - 167

Middle School - 127

High School - 27

Early Childhood Centre - 86

Elementary School - 160

Middle School - 124

High School - 35

Early Childhood Centre - 83

Elementary School - 164

Middle School - 133

High School - 35

Early Childhood Centre - 52

Elementary School - 165

Middle School - 147

High School - 39

Early Childhood Centre - 72

Elementary School - 163

Middle School - 161

High School - 40



Number of scholarships
merit scholarships with a total value of 3882 euro
scholarships for Olympians with a total value of 5475 euro
free camp scholarship of 3152 euro
scholarship for sports performance of 6400 euro
social assistance scholarships of 3,000 euro

Rewards given to LTSM students

Progress of the week

- elementary & middle school -

At the end of each week, the class teacher names the student who has made visible progress in a particular subject or segment, displaying the student’s photo, name, and class in the Progress of the week panel.

Corner of Fame

- elementary & middle school -

The teacher names 3 students with very good results in all subjects of study during a month and posts a table for awarding scores, in which students and teachers of the class can vote one of the proposed students. The student with the most votes will be rewarded by displaying his or her photo, name and class in the Corner of Fame panel inside the school.

Antidetention League

- middle school -

Teachers keep track of students who have stood out through appropriate behavior and academic performance, but also of those who have failed to achieve this goal. At the end of each month, the class teacher adds up the total number of positive records for the students in the class, subtracting the number of negative records from the sum of the positive ones, and the classes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be rewarded with a group activity, such as going out in the park, watching movies, going out to the ice rink etc. The total number of positive marks for each middle class will be displayed on the Antidetention panel.

Special prizes at the end of school year


The Student of the Year award is given at the end of the school year to students who have won the most prizes in competitions, school Olympics and who have behaved impeccably. The prize is awarded to students in grades III-IV, middle school students and high school students. The prize consists of a Cărturești voucher and a cup that represents one of the distinctions: Most Improved, Most Self Motivated, Most School Spirit, Most Team Player, Most Congenial, Best Sports, Most Creative or My Ambassadors School.