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    Professional Growth

    Liceul Teoretic Școala Mea organizes annual professional development trainings for LTSM teachers.

    • Internal training of professional training in 3 sessions, with the following theme: “Self-knowledge and personal development” (supported by prof. Ciprian – Petre Bibic), “Effective communication” (supported by prof. Ana-Maria Nache) and Opportunities vs. Difficulties” (supported by school counselor Smaranda Caciulatu). This internal training was based on the theme of the ECIS-AISAP International Conference in Brussels (4-6 October 2018), which was attended by the 3 trainers mentioned above.

    • CELTA in-house training for teachers. This training was given by Prof. Ana-Maria Nache and Prof. Andreea Preda, as a result of their experience following the support and promotion of the CELTA course in July 2018 in Budapest, Hungary.

    • Completing the Online Course “Introduction to Cambridge Lower Secondary – An online training course for teachers”. This course was taken by all LTSM teachers.

    • Completing the National Online Safety Course. This course was taken by all LTSM teachers.